Collaborative Divorce

Although a constructive and collaborative approach to divorce has always been the hallmark of the lawyers in Louden, Katz, McGrath & Bryan, this process was formalized in the 1990’s as “Collaborative Divorce.”

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Having practiced this way before the advent of a formal process, we are thoroughly steeped in this approach to helping clients through a difficult process.

In a collaborative case each party retains a lawyer to help him or her through all aspects of the divorce process. Outside resources, such as accountants, co-parenting counselors or appraisers can be hired as needed to provide information. The hallmarks of the collaborative process are that the parties and their lawyers agree not to take issues to court and pledge that everyone will work with integrity and openness — for themselves and the collaborative process itself.

The divorce process is difficult enough without clients feeling that their spouse is their enemy. We promote dialogue and communication between divorcing spouses; this helps the case run more smoothly and has the added benefit to clients of keeping legal costs down. For clients with children, keeping the lines of communication open and flowing can serve clients during and after the divorce, when the lawyer is no longer the go-between, and dialogue must happen with the other parent.



Collaborative Divorce

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