Litigation is the traditional process of a lawyer advocating for a client throughout the divorce process to final resolution, whether by settlement or trial.

Although 95% of divorce cases are settled without a trial, we have taken many cases to trial and through appeal over the years.

Although coming to an agreement is often the best way to achieve a positive result, in some cases the parties cannot agree on one or several issues. Even with the aid of an experienced lawyer, they then must take their issues to a court for a judge to decide.

If the court contest is over finances, expert opinions from appraisers, accountants and other professionals may be needed. If the issue involves children, mental health professionals and lawyers for the children may also be involved. Divorce litigation is hard for everyone involved, from the parties to the lawyers to the judge. Having a skilled and experienced lawyer as an advocate is highly important to a positive outcome.



Collaborative Divorce

Child Custody

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Post-Divorce Matters

Same-Sex Marriages

Unmarried Couples with Children

Legal Separation

Private Special Master/Arbitrator

Expert Witness



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