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We serve a broad cross-section of clientele from all walks of life – from hourly employees to CEOs of major corporations, homemakers, doctors, lawyers and people unable to pay legal fees (pro bono).

We handle highly complex cases involving finances and children, as well as relatively straightforward matters. We do so economically through having a wide range of family law experience, including more than 125 years for lawyers and 45 years for staff. The breadth of our legal team enables us to offer fee arrangements suitable to all socio-economic levels and to each client’s interests and needs.


Litigation is the traditional process of a lawyer advocating for a client throughout the divorce process to final resolution, whether by settlement or trial.

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Mediation of divorce cases became a major movement in the 1980’s. Bruce Louden was a pioneer nationally in the mediation field, mediating cases since 1981 and speaking on such at national lawyer conferences in 1983 and 1989, and a Connecticut seminar in 1992.

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Collaborative Divorce

Although a constructive and collaborative approach to divorce has always been the hallmark of the lawyers in Louden, Katz, McGrath & Bryan, this process was formalized in the 1990’s as “Collaborative Divorce.”

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Child Custody

A well-defined custody and parenting plan created by the parents themselves, with the help of their lawyers, can go a long way toward a happy future for both parties and their children.

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Premarital & Postmarital Agreements

Premarital (also known as prenuptial) agreements may make sense for engaged couples who have assets to protect, are entering a second marriage, own a family business, or are a beneficiary of trusts or large inheritances (present or future).

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Our lawyers’ knowledge of the intricacies of family law enables us to focus on specific issues in an original family law proceeding that may give rise to an appeal and to carry those issues through to conclusion.

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Post-Divorce Matters

In an original divorce proceeding, a final decree (“judgment”) is entered either after a settlement or trial. The decree has many provisions, some of which can be modified under certain circumstances, and most of which cannot be changed. In addition, the court does have strong remedies if either party fails to live up to the terms of the decree, the most common being a contempt proceeding.

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Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex divorce cases generally have the same rights and issues as with heterosexual marriages, including child custody and financial disputes.

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Unmarried Couples with Children

Unmarried couples in Connecticut may encounter the same custody, parenting, and financial issues as divorcing couples.

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Legal Separation

People generally are confused by the term “legal separation.” It in fact has a specific meaning in family law.

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Private Special Master/Arbitrator

Louden, Katz, McGrath & Bryan is regularly retained by other lawyers to assist them and their clients in bringing unresolved cases to resolution.

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Annulment is the dissolution of a marriage based on facts existing at the time of the marriage which renders the marriage invalid from its inception, as if the marriage never happened.

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Expert Witness

Lawyers from other firms periodically retain an experienced lawyer from Louden, Katz, McGrath & Bryan to serve as an expert witness in cases involving malpractice claims, fee disputes and other disagreements arising from a divorce case.

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