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Louden, Katz, McGrath & Bryan, with over 100 years of combined experience, practices family/matrimonial law throughout Connecticut — from premarital agreements to divorce to post-divorce matters.

As advocates for our clients, our approach is firm and assertive. We balance strong advocacy with being reasonable and reaching constructive results.

In the context of our divorce work, we deal with such related areas as business, real estate, retirement plans, child development, taxes, estates and trusts, and the emotional impact of divorce. The term “family law” broadly encompasses all that we do. “Matrimonial law” and “divorce law,” while often used synonymously with “family law,” technically are narrower, applying only to legal issues related to marriage.

Although much of our practice involves litigation, 95% of our cases are ultimately settled through negotiation rather than trial. We have tried many cases, however, when necessary to achieve a positive result.

Through divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, we offer couples a respectful and nonadversarial approach to end their marriages with a minimum of acrimony and professional intervention.

We limit the number of clients we accept and prefer clients who want to be constructive, rather than destructive, and who want to help themselves.

Louden, Katz, McGrath & Bryan serves the matrimonial law field through writing and teaching, and serves society by handling some cases on a no-fee basis.

We believe that every person should have the opportunity for a fulfilling life, and we implement that belief by doing all that we reasonably can to help our clients move toward this objective in the divorce process.

Dissolution of a marriage is a major life event. Divorcing couples, individually or together, experience the sorrow and confusion that comes with the end of a once-treasured union.

Often there is guilt, a profound sense of betrayal, and fear for the future. All too often we have seen the results of lawyering that aggravates, rather than calms, an already troublesome situation. In keeping with a spirit of empowerment, the firm’s lawyers believe in working to see that our clients emerge positively, with our experience being that many of our clients end up as better friends with their former spouses than before the divorce process began.

We have given careful consideration to our values, professionally and personally, and believe that lawyers in divorce cases can be a force for ameliorating the issues that led to a divorce proceeding.  We do this through the manner in which we deal with (a) our clients, (b) sister or brother counsel, (c) the spouses of our clients, (d) other experts in the case, and (e) other people significant in the lives of any children involved.

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